If you struggle with your short game, then golf putting aids may be perfect for you. Golf games are often won and lost on the putting green, which is exactly why putting aids can be so helpful.

A practice putting mat can be one of the most effective putting aids. The Practice Putting Mat by Izzo is a great choice. It comes in both six foot and nine foot versions and has a slight incline to promote a solid stroke. One of the best features is that the cup is ΒΌ inch smaller than the standard golf cup. This forces you to really sharpen your aim. When placed on a smooth surface, this putting mat closely mimics a real putting green. Izzo’s Practice Putting Mat is one of the more affordable putting aids at the bargain price of under $30.

Another of the great putting aids available is the Pure Gold Stroke Trainer. This is one of the golf aids that will have you looking like a pro on the putting greens. The key to successful putting is concentration, focus, and a smooth putting stroke. This is one of the putting aids that will help you accomplish this.

Return putting cups are one of the more simple putting aids. They have a spring loaded ball return that runs off two batteries. Remember that these aids need to be placed on a smooth surface in order to be effective.

So how much will you have to spend for golf putting aids? You can find many putting aids for under $100, many for much less. Sometimes a practice putting mat can be the most effect of any of the putting aids available and you can usually find these for a very reasonable price.

You can purchase putting aids at many locations. Golf pro-shops, sporting goods stores, and even general superstores are places you can find quality golf aids. The internet is another great source for putting aids. Often times, you can find better prices online and it is much easier to comparison shop in the comfort of your home than trudging around to a dozen different stores.

Whatever putting aids you choose, they will no doubt help you improve your short game.

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