The key to a great golf game is consistently using a proper golf swing. And the key to consistency is balance and rhythm.

Finding the right rhythm is an important part of a proper golf swing. Some professional golfers have faster tempos while others have slower ones. However, they all have a proper golf swing and they are all balanced. If you rush your swing, you can get off balance and your contact will be inconsistent. Great golfers are rarely off balance when they strike the ball. Great rhythm allows you to have the proper golf swing to make your ball soar.

The proper golf swing is accomplished by being positioned properly in key stages of the swing. First is the setup. To have a proper golf swing, your weight should be evenly balanced between your left and right foot in your setup. Also, your weight should be on the balls of your feet, evenly between your heels and toes.

The next phase to master for a Perfect Golf Swing is the top of your backswing. As you move into the top of your backswing, your weight should move to the inside of your back foot. For a proper golf swing, you should have approximately 75% of your weight on your back foot and 25% of your weight on your front foot.

For a perfect golf swing, you need to focus on the point of impact next. By the time you make contact with the ball, you should have shifted most of your weight to your front foot. Approximately 70 – 75% of your weight should be on your front foot. Also, if you want to have a proper golf swing, your hips should shift forward and your head should be behind the ball.

The last phase to perfect for a proper golf swing is your finish. As you complete your swing, almost all of your weight should shift to the outside of your front foot. About 90% of your weight should be there.

Your keys to a proper golf swing are balance and rhythm. Practice these and you’ll look like a pro on the course!

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