Golf Swing Tips To Give Your Game More Power and Accuracy

Anyone who wants to improve their golf swing is surely looking for golf swing tips. Golf swing tips can provide you with the insight you need to improve your swing and therefore your game.

Many golf swing tips deal with your balance. One of the best tips for balance is to use a quarter to gauge your balance. Place a quarter on the toe of your left shoe (for right handed golfers) and try to keep the quarter on your shoe. After your swing, see where the quarter is. If the quarter has fallen to the inside of your foot, the golf swing tips for you involve moving less weight back during your swing. If the quarter has fallen to the outside of your foot, then the golf tips for you involve the positioning of your foot. If the quarter has fallen in front of your foot, then you have lifted your foot too far off the ground. If the quarter stayed on your foot, then you have a balanced golf swing and you may not need any golf swing tips!

Other golf swing tips focus on rhythm. One activity to try is to place five golf tees in the ground approximately four inches apart. Stand beside the closest tee and begin swinging a club with a continuous motion. Walk forward, clipping each tee out of the ground as you move forward. Repeat this a few times until you find a pace that allows you to keep your balance while generating club speed. Golf swing tips like this can help you to practice some of the fundamentals.

You can find other golf swing tips in magazines and books. These can be helpful golf swing tips because you can look for ones that address your particular needs. Another great source for golf swing tips is other golfers, especially the pros in your areas. Don’t forget the internet as a source for great golf swing tips. To make finding these tips easier, we have provided links at the bottom of this page to excellent golf websites.