How to Choose and Buy Discount Golf Clubs

If you have looked into buying golf clubs lately, you know they can be quite expensive, which is why discount golf clubs can be an excellent option for many golfers. If you do your research, you can walk away with quality clubs at a fraction of the price. But the discount golf clubs industry is full of manufacturers selling poor quality products that they claim to be as good as the higher priced brand name clubs. Beware of these traps when searching for clubs.

The most common discount golf clubs are referred to as clones. Clones are golf clubs that use the same designs and materials as the more expensive manufacturers, but at a much lower price. They are able to do this because they don’t spend the same amount of money on marketing and overhead as the bigger brands. These discount golf clubs can be a real bargain.

However, there are some manufacturers who try to profit from offering low quality discount golf clubs that look much like the pricier brand name clubs. These clubs usually have a very similar name to the higher priced brand name clubs. These companies are often violating copyright laws, trademarks, and patents, not to mention defrauding their customers. Be very careful to avoid these makers of discount golf clubs.

Reputable clone manufacturers offer discount golf clubs that have a modern design, quality, and performance. They will often make statements that the discount golf clubs are "comparable with the ABC Pro Putter," for example. If the company is legitimate, you can rest assured that the golf clubs probably are comparable to the more expensive models.

The advantages of discount golf clubs are obvious. First, they are often anywhere from 50-75 percent less money than brand name golf clubs. That can translate into hundreds of dollars if you are buying a whole set of clubs.

Another advantage is that discount golf clubs allow you to buy new clubs more often. They make it an affordable option to have the latest technology and design advances in golf clubs. Discount golf clubs also make it possible to purchase special clubs you may not otherwise have added to your collection.

If you are a beginning golfer, discount golf clubs are an especially nice option. They allow you to get involved in the game without a huge initial investment. You may not know if you are going to enjoy and continue to play golf, so buying discount clubs is a much less risky investment.

There are a few disadvantages to discount golf clubs. As I mentioned before, purchasing from a company that is not reputable is one danger. Another disadvantage is that discount golf clubs do not have the brand name status. If you are looking to be associated with a particular brand for the status of it, then these golf clubs may not be the best choice for you.

With a small amount of research and time, you can save yourself a large amount of money by buying discount golf clubs. Beware of illegal knock-off clubs and check the reputation of the company before handing over any money. If bought from a reputable company, you will enjoy the quality and design of your golf clubs for a fraction of the price of brand name clubs.