Golf Swing Instruction Can Improve Your Game

Everyone from new golfers to seasoned pros understands how valuable golf swing instruction can be. The golf swing is one of the most difficult aspects of the game, so most people welcome a little instruction. There are many different forms of golf swing instruction, each one of them geared for different problems or situations.

The ideal golf swing instruction is individual lessons from a pro. This offers a professional perspective on what you are doing right and wrong. However, individual instruction can be very pricey. If you are on a budget, you will want to consider other options.

Books can also provide excellent golf swing instruction. There is a wide array of titles available, many of them geared toward specific problems for golfers. For example, there are golf swing instruction books available for women golfers and new golfers. A good general golf swing instruction book is "The Golf Swing" by David Leadbetter. This book focuses on the full golf swing and includes more than 250 illustrations.

Another option for golf swing instruction is golf magazines. These probably won’t target your specific weak areas, but they often have articles on improving your golf swing. If you’re looking for help on a certain issue, golf magazines probably aren’t your best source for instruction. However, if you are just looking for general Golf Swing Tips, golf magazines are an excellent choice.

Videos and DVDs are another source for golf swing instruction. These can be especially helpful because you can see a professional demonstrate the Proper Golf Swing. Many instructional videos and DVDs will also slow down the motion of the swing to point out important information about form. You can also find videos and DVDs that are specifically geared toward you. For example, an excellent video for women just picking up the game is "Beginning Golf for Women." It is a two-volume set with one the videos focusing on the long game and on golf swing instruction.

Whatever form of golf swing instruction you choose, make sure you get out on the course or the driving range and practice what you are learning.