How to Improve Your Golf Swing Mechanics

The Perfect Golf Swing boils down to having perfect golf swing mechanics. If all of your mechanics are lined up and perfected, then you can be assured your golf swing will be perfect. This sounds much easier than it is. The list of golf swing mechanics is not only long, but differs depending on who you ask. Here’s some tips and advice from the pros to get you started.

Some believe the key to golf swing mechanics is strength and flexibility. However, simply stretching and hitting the gym more often will not improve your golf swing mechanics. You need to specifically target the muscles and movements you use when swinging the gold club. By improving your golf-specific strength and flexibility, your swing mechanics will improve as well.

The great golfer Lee Trevino observed that one key to proper golf swing mechanics is to keep your head behind the ball. If you move your head forward, most likely your spine will follow. This will throw your spinal alignment off and therefore create less than exceptional golf swing mechanics.

Percy Boomer, an early golf pro, gave the golf swing mechanics advice of picturing your self hitting from within a barrel. The purpose of this is to keep you from swaying or sliding forward too much. Also, when you are practicing good mechanics your shot will rotate around the axis of your spine.

Your grip is another part of Proper Golf Swing mechanics. You should be able to hit the ball and bring your club back down and be ready to hit another ball. If you have to readjust your grip before taking another shot, then you need to improve your grip. Proper golf swing mechanics dictate that a good grip should keep a constant and stable connection to the club.

Another popular piece of advice for golf swing mechanics relates to how you hold your club. One way to think of it is to hold your club like you would a baby bird. Not so tight that it hurts the bird, but not so loose that the bird flies away. Jay Sigel once commented on his successful golf swing mechanics. He said the main reason he could get such great distance even as a senior was due to the way he gripped his club.

The most important thing to remember about golf swing mechanics is that they take lots of time and even more practice to master.