Putting Tips and Techniques

If you’re like most golfers, you could use some putting tips to improve your short game. You can have the Perfect Golf Swing, but without good putting skills you can still lose the game. That’s why putting tips come in handy.

The first of these putting tips is simple. Practice. Then practice some more. Then keep practicing. All the putting tips in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t get out there and practice your putting skills. Becoming good at reading greens requires a lot of watching how the ball reacts to different contours. This is perhaps one of the most important of the putting tips.

Putting tips for reading greens are especially important for new golfers. First of all, get close to the surface of the green so you can better see the contours. Squatting is the easiest way to do this. More putting tips include checking other views and watching your partner’s putt. Check out the putt from the side and from the other side of the flag. If your partner putts first, watch the way his or her ball breaks.

One of the best putting tips is to ask for help. If you are new to the sport, most likely the friends you are playing with will be more than happy to help you out a little. And once you putt, don’t forget to watch what happens. You can learn a lot from simply watching your putts and seeing how they break. This is perhaps the simplest of the putting tips provided.

Taking a few putts on the practice green before you play can provide you with some putting tips of your own. This will give you an idea of the speed of the greens and how the wind affects your putts. Remember that reading the speed of your putt and reading the break are two separate things, but combined they equal reading the green. Practicing breaks are much harder than practicing speed. Keep these putting tips in mind and don’t get discouraged if it takes a lot of practicing your breaks.

The most important thing to remember is to practice these putting tips and any other ones you pick up along the way. Looking to improve your swing? Besides putting tips, this site offers Golf Swing Tips. Don’t forget to check them out!